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企業社會責任 CSR

CTBC Bank 50th Anniversary

透過數位操作,帶動社群對「家」議題的關注和參與,引領民眾自然分享家人的情感;並籌畫執行Home Run Taiwan九天八夜不斷電馬拉松活動網站以及起跑日活動,鼓勵民眾以實際行動傳達對家人最真摯的愛,並擴及對鄉土的愛與關懷。

Through social platforms engagement, JCA successfully called public attention on “the love of family” and triggered their engagement online. For the 9-Day-8-Night Non-Stop Marathon of Home Run Taiwan Campaign, JCA was responsible for the management of the campaign website, and the kick-off event were further executed to encourage publics to show their sincere love to their families as well as Taiwan by taking the action in real life.