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生活消費/美妝保養 Consumers/Beauty


自台北101旗艦店重新開幕記者會起,與品牌合作打造媒體中心(News Bureau),積極耕耘媒體關係,傳遞JASONS MARKET PLACE「一起探索生活知味」的訴求,並透過社群領袖分享,與消費者一起體驗品味生活,大幅提昇品牌的能見度。

Teaming up with JASONS MARKET PLACE, JCA has successfully re-launched the Taipei 101 Store and built the news bureau for long-term media engagement to advocate fashionable lifestyles through social influencers. With these efforts, we aim to communicate the brand’s goal, "A Whole New Food Shopping Experience - Create a Brand New Shopping Experience” with consumers, and have successfully increased the brand’s media visibility.